Sending RSVP's

After creating your guest list you can manage your RSVP's as you require. It may be your guest responds via email or word of mouth. Some may also respond in the traditional way with a letter. Whichever way they choose to respond you can accept the RSVP by simply clicking 'Accept' or 'Decline' against the guest and see instantly the status of your guest list. You will get some guests changing there mind or are unsure as to wether or not they can attend. Its easy to manage all these RSVPs with

See status of all RSVP's

With the guest list manager you can quickly see the number of guests who have yet to respond. Breaking them down into the Accepted, Declined, Unsure and Waiting for response. There is no reason to wait until all your guests have responded before starting on your table plan. You can easily just place them on a table as they accept then if they decline or you remove them from the guest list they will be removed from the seating plan.