Inviting Guests to your wedding

After deciding upon your venue and how many guests you want at your wedding you now have to decide who to invite. Compiling your guest list is the first step in planning your wedding. Maybe you haven't decided on a venue yet until you have an idea how many people will be attending. enables you to create your guest list before you have decided upon a venue. You can create a list of possible guests first before making your shortlist.

How many guests can you invite

The average number of guests invited to the wedding reception is around the 75 mark with the number invited to the evening around 100. With the seating planner you can create two events one for the daytime reception and a seperate event for the evening reception.

The venue may have a limit on the mimumum and maximum number of guests so you will need to keep this in mind before commiting yourself to a definite number of guests.

Create a list of possible guests

Creating a guest list is best done with a series of steps looking first at important family and friends and then work through the list below from the high priority guests to the maybe guests.

Work through the list below

  • Close Family
  • Family Friends
  • Distant Family
  • Friends
  • Work Colleagues
  • Children

Once you have decided upon your final guest list you can then look at your invites and save the dates. With our guest list tools you can add addresses to your guests and manage how you will be sending out your invites.