Wedding Speeches

Who makes the wedding speeches and when

Making a wedding speech can be a very nerve racking experience. Traditionally the best man , groom and father of the bride will make speeches but its not uncommon for the bride or other close friends or family members to prepare and give a speech.
The speeches are usually made during the reception traditionally after the meal or between courses. Its sometimes better to give the speeches before the meal so that the speakers can enjoy the meal without feeling nervous.

Planning the wedding speeches

The key to presenting a good speech is to prepare well in advance. Follow the set of simple rules below.

  • Firstly don’t start panicking before you start. Give yourself plenty of time unless its been dropped on you at the last minute
  • Think about funny incidents that you could build your speech around and write them down. Don’t go into too much detail just create little reminders
  • Once you have a few incidents start to create a draft of it.
  • Read it out or even record yourself speaking it and see how long it is don’t make it too long as it may get boring. Aim for 5-10 minutes.
  • Once you have a rough idea of the speech start to refine it until you are completely happy with it.
  • Type the speech out and create bold bullet points and print it out to take to the event with you. Try to give theĀ  speech without reading from the print out. If you cannot remember it the bullet points will help you find your way again

Books on speeches
Why not treat your Groom, Father or Best man to a book. Maybe even give it to them as a gift when asking them to be the best man.

A selection of books are shown below. Just follow the link to purchase.

Books for the best man speech


Books for the Father of the bride

Books for the groom