Inviting guests to the wedding

When the time comes  and you need to seriously start thinking about who to invite to your wedding reception, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when compiling your list of guests.

Single People.

Probably the simplest as its just the one person so quickly add them to your list. You probably know everything about them so use guest manager to add them to your event. Probably best to deal with all the single people first as its probably the most straightforward.


If you know the names of both the couple be they married or single then no problem. You can just write Mr and Mrs John Smith on the envelope and same on the inner invite. But what if you don’t know the name of the other half of your couple? The best thing to do would be to send the invite to your friend Jane and simply write  Miss Jane Smith on the envelope and on the inner Miss Jane Smith and Guest would be a safe option. With our guest manager enables you to add a couple with unknown guest and then send an email request for the know guest to verify the name of the guest who is attending. After all the place setting would look quite odd with no name on it so its a good opportunity for you to get all the names correct.

Families and other groups

It may be the case when inviting a group that you aren’t too sure about the names of the people in the group. In this case the best way would be to word the envelope: Mr and Mrs John Smith and Family on the envelope and same on the inner. In most cases you may know the childrens names so you can specify these on the inner eg John, Jane, Jimmy and Jill. If you are unsure of any of the childrens names then you would just specify John, Jane and family. The wedding seating planner allow you to  add unknown guests to a group and then to send an email notification to the primary guest in that group so they can complete the names and acknowledge who will be attending.

Whatever your requirements will make planning your wedding much simpler and will cover most situations regarding invites and keeping track of the names of your guests and the numbers attending.









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