Wedding Gift List

If your getting married and don’t want all your guests worrying about what to get you. Maybe you should use a wedding gift list service such as

You can add what you like from a wide range of gifts at very competitive prices. Once you create your gift list you can simply email the link to your gift list and your guests can choose whatever they like without the risk of already buying something for you that someone else has.

There are gift options for £5 upwards so there is something for everyone. Click the link above to visit to get started.


Inviting guests to the wedding

When the time comes  and you need to seriously start thinking about who to invite to your wedding reception, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when compiling your list of guests.

Single People.

Probably the simplest as its just the one person so quickly add them to your list. You probably know everything about them so use guest manager to add them to your event. Probably best to deal with all the single people first as its probably the most straightforward.


If you know the names of both the couple be they married or single then no problem. You can just write Mr and Mrs John Smith on the envelope and same on the inner invite. But what if you don’t know the name of the other half of your couple? The best thing to do would be to send the invite to your friend Jane and simply write  Miss Jane Smith on the envelope and on the inner Miss Jane Smith and Guest would be a safe option. With our guest manager enables you to add a couple with unknown guest and then send an email request for the know guest to verify the name of the guest who is attending. After all the place setting would look quite odd with no name on it so its a good opportunity for you to get all the names correct.

Families and other groups

It may be the case when inviting a group that you aren’t too sure about the names of the people in the group. In this case the best way would be to word the envelope: Mr and Mrs John Smith and Family on the envelope and same on the inner. In most cases you may know the childrens names so you can specify these on the inner eg John, Jane, Jimmy and Jill. If you are unsure of any of the childrens names then you would just specify John, Jane and family. The wedding seating planner allow you to  add unknown guests to a group and then to send an email notification to the primary guest in that group so they can complete the names and acknowledge who will be attending.

Whatever your requirements will make planning your wedding much simpler and will cover most situations regarding invites and keeping track of the names of your guests and the numbers attending.









Demo of our seating planner

We have just created a video showing how simple is it to use our seating planner. Simply create the guests, place the tables and drag the guests to the seats. How simple could planning your wedding reception be!!

Wedding Reception in Marquee

marquee seating plan

Marquee weddings can make your wedding a magical experience.  If it’s a nice sunny day the sides of the marquee can be rolled up to let the breeze cool down the guests. With a range of features and furniture to choose from you will certainly impress all the guests.

Large Wedding with over 100 guests


seating plan for 100 guests
seating plan for over 100 guest

If you are having a large wedding with 100+ guests then you need to ensure that you book a venue that can accommodate a large number of guests. Once you have your venue booked check with the venue regarding table layouts.

They may have a standard layout or will let you move the tables around to suit your needs. You can use our drag and drop seating planner to  layout the tables as they would be at the venue and then seat the guests where you would like them.

With a large wedding you will most likely have some children at the reception. Its a good idea to put some space aside to provide some activities whilst the speeches are underway. Maybe to seat the children on a separate table  and place some  colouring books or games to keep the children occupied.

Choosing a venue for the wedding

choose wedding venue

Choosing a venue for your wedding should be done as early as possible. Many popular wedding venues are booked up well in advance sometimes years,  be prepared to pay a hefty deposit too.  Go an visit  a number of venues and get a feel for how organised the venue is and see how many guests you can accommodate. They venue will usually have some brochures you can take away to help you decide if this is the venue where you want to spend your special day. Look at the tables available and discus what they can offer in terms of seating arrangements. On most occasions the room which will host your wedding reception will also double up for the evening disco so make sure it will be adequate for the number of guests you will invite to the evening party.

Small Wedding for between 40 and 50 People.

If its only a small wedding you and your partner have decided upon the small circular tables seating up to 6 guests is a good choice. If the venue is small chances are they won’t have huge tables as standard so the size of the tables may be limited.  Also notice the inclusion of a sweetheart table just for the bride and groom.

Some Ideas for your wedding seating plan

Maybe you want to do something original for your wedding reception. If so here are a few ideas that could help you decide.

What about having a countries theme. Each table has a different country for example. Mexico, Spain, Greece etc..
Whatever guests are sitting at these tables could dress in a them for that country.